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Today we are living in an era where it is very tough to find things without any preservatives whether you can see any cosmetic product, paint, or even food. Many companies use food color powder to make the vibrant appearance of the dishes so that they look more appealing to the customers. Therefore, the utilization of preservatives constantly increases and become a trend these days.

This preservative constantly harming our bodies and companies using it to increase their sale and earn profit. To save ourselves from food preservative colors by using the All-natural food coloring method. In this, you can add natural color to food and enjoy the color in food and that would not harm your health.

Enjoy Essence of Natural Food Color Powder

Natural food colors sound amazing, you can enjoy food with different colors with your health. Yes, it’s true. Natural food color is the best option to replace the preservative color from our food and enjoy the organic or natural color powders while maintaining your good health. Colors in food play a crucial role, for example, red pasta, white pasta, orange juice, and many more. You just think if you remove these colors from the dish then who wants to eat them?
In this, Natural Food Color Powder is the new gem in the market which helps to make food appealing for the customers. These food colors are made up of vegetables and fruits so if you’re using these natural colors, it ultimately improves your health.

Different Food Color 

All these food colors are made from fruits and vegetables and hence are vegan so that anyone can use them in their home while preparing food or cooking. FoodRGB company uses organic methods to collect food colors from fruits and vegetables.

A few colors that are made of vegetables or fruits are given below:

  • Red

Red powder with a red tone within the pH range of 3.0~8.0, no smell, and easy solubility in water in a red to fuchsia color. It also easily turns yellow when heated.

  • Blue

Powder that is blue, readily soluble in water, highly resistant to heat and light, and stable at pH levels between 4.5 and 8.0. odorless, extremely transparent, and brilliant.

  • Purple

Purple powder that is highly soluble in water and has a reddish-fuchsia tint. It has good light and heat stability between PH 2.0 and 4.0, and as PH increases, it turns blue in hue.

  • Orange

Orange powder is odorless, yellow to orange-yellow in color, easily soluble in water, has good light or heat resistance, and is stable between 5.0 and 10.0 pH.


If you want to add natural food colors to your cakes, cookies, or curries then FoodRGB is here to resolve your problem. You can buy a variety of food colors by sitting at your home from the website. These colors are pure and healthy to eat so don’t hesitate and enjoy colorful food with your family and friends. They are easy to use so everyone can use them and take benefits. FoodRGB is the best place to find your favorite color for your favorite dish.

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