What makes a restaurant luxurious in Mayfair?

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Mayfair itself is seriously special. Mayfair’s restaurants are very special too, offering plenty of opportunities to treat yourself. So what, exactly, makes a restaurant in this magical place luxurious? Let’s define ‘luxury’ in an eating out context. Welcome to Mayfair, a district packed with style, one of the capital’s most desirable places to live, shop, and eat out.

Did you know there are more than 400 restaurants in Mayfair? No wonder the area delivers such thrilling culinary adventures. And that’s our first reason why Mayfair’s eateries are so luxurious – the enormous choice. There’s everything from fine Mediterranean dining to the very best in British cuisine.

Restaurants in Mayfair are where you can eat Spanish or treat yourself to some of the best Indian food in London. There’s Latin American to discover along with stunning Chinese food, specialist steak restaurants, Pan-Asian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern restaurants. Plus Japanese and Australian, French and classic European, and much more. How do you choose? It’s a challenge you’ll love to accept.

Michelin Stars define the world’s very best restaurants. There are plenty of Michelin starred restaurants to explore in Mayfair, known far and wide as the capital’s premier fine dining destination. The best restaurants in Mayfair are all world-class, unique, and always memorable.

Luxury eating out is yours throughout the day and late into the evening. There are wonderful places to sample luxurious afternoon teas. We have lunch and dinner tasting menus that are among the capital’s most expensive and exclusive. Fall in love with the finest sushi or discover super-fresh seasonal British dishes. You can sample an early morning breakfast in beautiful surroundings or stay late into the wee small hours sampling extraordinary dishes from around the globe.

Live music and resident DJs add to the luxury vibe. Add some of the most stunning interior design you’ve ever experienced and it’s clear this is a number one destination for luxury eating out at every level, in every way.  Whether you want elegant and welcoming, sophisticated and sleek, the ultimate in simple interior design or a place as exotic-looking as it is exciting, it’s waiting for you in Mayfair.

This place is home to restaurants that bring to mind high society clubs in India. Eateries where you can observe sushi chefs doing their amazing thing. Rooftop dining venues with spectacular views over the district and the wider capital. A restaurant with three floors, each with its own chic identity. Chilled vintage glamour in a 1970s inspired setting. This is the location of the place that’s regularly voted the Best Chinese restaurant in London.  There are fine dining, fine lunching and fine breakfasting treats at every turn.

The best, freshest ingredients, either from just around the corner or on the other side of the world. Exceptionally good service. Inspiring settings and glorious decor. Some of the best wine cellars around. Food that looks just as appetising as it tastes. Intense and delicate flavours you‘ve never met before. Michelin starred chefs at every turn. Celebrities and well-known faces. Beautiful people everywhere. All this is set in the glittering jewel that is Mayfair, a truly glorious luxury destination for eating out that you’ll never tire of. Where will you book first?

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