7 Ways to Start Cooking Faster

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Many of us spend more time in the kitchen than we’d like, but even if we don’t, proper organization can help significantly reduce the time it takes to cook. You may not learn how to make a three-course meal in five minutes by reading these tips, but you’ll find that it will take less time.

Prepare Everything Beforehand

Groceries, utensils, knives, and so on should all be at your fingertips. If you’re going to cook a recipe, think about what you might need and check where it is. This tip, however, is relevant in all senses. Imagine – you have bubbling here, sizzling here, and you are running around the kitchen looking for some spice. This situation is fraught not only with loss of time and nerves but also with the fact that, distracted by an unplanned search, you can ruin your dinner in no time!

Keep Things Tidy

Cooking in a dirty and untidy kitchen isn’t only unpleasant and not quite useful in terms of hygiene. This also stretches the cooking time, because you need space for accurate and quick actions, and thinking about where everything is, you just waste time in vain. Don’t be averse to regular cleaning, especially if it can be delegated to someone else.

Equip Yourself

Cooking a full meal requires minimal utensils and cookware, but extra gear will make your life a lot easier and let you spend this time on something more pleasant, like you can try Gems Bonanza free play or chat with friends instead. Sharpened knives, oven thermometers, and a blender are all gadgets that, like hundreds of others, will not only help you expand your culinary arsenal, but also save you time. If you feel that something helps you significantly, and you can afford it – don’t deny yourself.

Think About the Simultaneity of Actions

If you physically can not do something faster, you need to think of a way to fit into one minute as much as possible useful action. If you really want to get things done, combine what you can do at the same time. Chop up what you’re going to fry first, and while you’re frying, chop everything else. The same applies to cooking soups and other processes that involve gradually adding ingredients, not to mention cooking a main dish and a side dish at the same time. The main thing is to calculate your strength correctly: you don’t want everything to burn because you didn’t manage to do it in the allotted few minutes.

Accustom Yourself to Zero Waste

It would seem that this advice is purely from the area of saving money, and has nothing to do with saving time. However, one thing is closely linked to the other, and for a reason Jamie Oliver is always giving advice about where to use leftovers, and Gordon Ramsay makes all his chefs take a test to make a great dish out of what’s left after cooking. If you put your mind to it, it’s possible to put together a menu that makes the most out of all the food. By throwing away something that can still be used, you are not only throwing away your money but also your time because it takes precious minutes to clean, cut, and other preparations.

Don’t Bend on Little Tricks

There are all kinds of little tricks that can make your life a lot easier. For example, putting flour and sliced meat in a bag and shaking it a few times will quickly bread all the pieces, and if you cut the tomato and scald it with boiling water, you can easily peel it. 

Cook Quick Meals

You have read all the above tips, but still couldn’t save time on cooking? Well, especially for you there are countless recipes for delicious and healthy meals, with the preparation of which you can manage in 10-15 minutes. Sometimes you really shouldn’t overcomplicate things and take the easiest route, especially if you have the freshest produce.

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