5 Trendy and Economical Wood Fence Options

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You haven’t seen the variety of wood fence styles we provide if you believe they’re dull and simplistic. Wood fences are common because they offer privacy, but there is a wide variety of wood fence types, materials, and construction methods that can be employed to enhance the aesthetic value of your home and garden.

Here are a few of our most popular wood commercial fencing options; we guarantee that at least one of them will meet your requirements!

Horizontal Fence with Metal Posts

The unique modern and contemporary appearance that horizontal fences provide is a major factor in their ever-increasing popularity.

The planks’ height and length can give your backyard an even more personalized appeal, while still offering the expected privacy and functionality. You can further personalize horizontal fences with various shades of wood stains just like any other kind of wood fence.

If you’re aiming for a more contemporary style, go with a material that’s lighter in tone so the wood’s inherent beauty can shine through.

Horizontal Fence with Cap & Trim

When it comes to privacy, a horizontal fence with cap and trim is comparable to a stockade fence. The pickets are covered by “cap” pieces. To improve its aesthetic value and attract potential buyers, the fence has an extra, flat piece of wood running along its top.

In many cases, the pickets’ tops are shielded from precipitation, making these fences exceptionally long-lasting.

There is a wide variety of decorative caps and accessories to choose from, allowing you to personalize the look.

Horizontal Fence with Top Slats

The slatted boards or planks of a horizontal stockade fence are set apart sufficiently to allow light to pass through. Depending on your desired level of privacy, a slatted fence can feature uniformly wide planks or pickets or a variety of widths.

Finding a happy medium between openness and privacy, the spaces between the boards let more natural light into the yard and give it an airy vibe, in contrast to a traditional stockade fence.

You can make this wood fence style less noticeable by raising it to a higher height if you’re having trouble with inquisitive neighbors.

Cedar Privacy Fence

It is not hard to see why cedar privacy fences remain a popular choice. Cedar is one of the most long-lasting timbers, and the straight, simple forms of the cedar pickets will go with any architectural style.

Fence height, color, and picket width are three additional ways in which cedar privacy fences can be personalized. Furthermore, your cedar fence can be elevated to the next level in terms of aesthetics by adding any number of elegant top embellishments.

Slim Slatted Fence

Slatted fences can be adjusted to suit your desired amount of seclusion or openness. The vertical slats, which are more often known as Venetian blinds, are available in a variety of widths to create a modern look for your yard, whether it’s front or rear.

You can choose a wide variety of finishes to complement your home and business style, and if these fences can be installed by experienced commercial fencing contractors, it will be maintained for years.

Red cedar is the ideal wood to use if you want a timeless design that is nevertheless contemporary, like the one in the given photo.

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